About Me

Hello! Welcome to The Picky Toddler

My name is Elizabeth. I am a mother to three grown children, grandmother to two grandchildren, and educator with over 30 years experience in the classroom. I enjoy cooking delicious meals, spending time out in nature, and working with children. I am particularly interested in the various stages of childhood development, especially the toddler years.

Over the course of my professional career, experience as a mother and grandmother, and through my own culinary explorations, I understand how important good nutrition is to raising healthy, happy children. I have visited with pediatricians and dieticians – and I have read nearly every book on the subject that I could get my hands on – all to better understand how to help children develop healthy eating habits.

But I know that knowledge alone won’t solve the problems many parents face when seated at the dinner table with a picky toddler. The toddler years are a wonderful age, but they also have a reputation for a reason: the child is becoming more aware of his or her individual identity and begins to assert him or herself more forcefully. Often, this presents itself as battles over food.

To help parents navigate the toddler years effectively, I have decided to combine my experience in early childhood education with my passion for healthy nutrition to offer parents informed advice, useful tips, and heartfelt encouragement.

In order to reach even more families, I have decided to start this website dedicated to helping parents struggling with picky eaters. Here, you will find practical nutritional and educational advice, along with simple nutritious recipes for children.

Parents who have taken to heart and put into practice the advice I have offered have seen great improvement in their child’s eating habits. Their children have more energy, are better behaved, and have an improved outwardly healthy appearance because of their improved nutrition. And the parents are happy too because there is peace at the dinner table.