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We are here to help you

Hi, nice to meet you! We are Elizabeth and Amelia, both passionate about child development and parenting. We decided to start this website so we could write about our favourite subjects while also helping parents in their journey.

We both combine professional knowledge with our experiences as parents and in the case of Elizabeth being a grandparent! Please let us know if you have any subject you want to know more about, we love to dive in and write about it!

Our process

Elizabeth and Amelia get all sorts of ideas to write about. We always research all of our topics extensively and can rely on a network of parenting experts to help us create valuable content for you as a parent.

We do not pretend to be an expert on your child or to have all the answers. You are the only real expert of your child! We do offer tips and advice that will hopefully make your family life easier and enjoyable!

Meet Amelia and Elizabeth

Amelia and her two little girls

Mom, child psychologist and speech therapist

In my job, I support a lot of parents who are struggling with a variety of problems when raising children – from tantrums, to sleep issues, promoting wellness, supporting speech and communication development and more.

Being a mom of two little girls, I know how hard parenting can be! – especially after a long day of work! My blog is here to help you enjoy parenting and hopefully pick up some use-full tips along the way!

Elizabeth enjoying nature

Mom, grandmother and passionate educator and cook!

I am a mother to three grown children, grandmother to two grandchildren, and educator with over 30 years experience in the classroom. I enjoy cooking delicious meals, spending time out in nature, and working with children.

To help parents navigate the toddler years effectively, I have decided to combine my experience in early childhood education with my passion for healthy nutrition to offer parents informed advice, useful tips, and heartfelt encouragement. I especially love helping parents struggling with picky toddlers!

From the blog

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    An introduction to temperament in toddlers
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    Promoting self-regulation in toddlers
  • Gratitude for kids
    Gratitude for kids