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Best educational toys for toddlers


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What are Educational Toys? 

A lot of parents might think of toys with numbers and letters, or even tablets, when they think of educational toys. These, however, only represent a fraction of all the educational toys that are available. A toddler’s development consists of much more than language and math skills. Besides, it is much more important for a child to learn that a large block does not fit into a tiny hole, than to be doing exercises and playing games in a book or on a tablet. Toddlers learn through using and combining their senses as much as possible: seeing, listening, feeling, talking, discovering and experiencing in a 3rd dimension are crucial to a child’s learning process. There are many toys for sale for your toddler, and I understand that it must be hard to choose the best educational toys from this wide selection. 

Wooden Blocks

Naturally, wooden blocks and toddlers go together well. Boys and girls of this age alike will develop their imagination, sense of balance, notions of cause and effect and mathematical insight through building beautiful structures with these wooden blocks. And what could be more fun than loudly knocking over a building built with wooden blocks? 


LEGO’s DUPLO has stolen my heart; it is in fact my favorite educational toy for toddlers! DUPLO is important for the development of motor skills, spatial insight, counting, experiencing shapes and sizes, preparatory arithmetic, language, vocabulary, interplay, social development, replaying situations, identifying, socio-emotional development and creative development. This timeless toy is and will be a favorite for many years to come. For boys and girls!

Engineering Set: Construction Blocks and Gears  

As your toddler grows a bit taller and older, his or her environment and interests will change as well. He or she will probably start going to daycare or perhaps the time has come to attend school. Your toddler will get to know other adults and other children. In this particular phase of development it is not easy to pick the best educational toys. Through playing with this engineering set, toddlers are playfully engaged in science and technology. Please note: both boys and girls will enjoy many hours of responsible play and joy!

Play Kitchen 

Playing through role play is very important for children. I definitely have to write a blog about this soon, because I notice that in education the importance of role play is increasingly fading into the background. It promotes language development, social and emotional development and, of course, many other aspects that are associated with this kind of play. All working towards helping your toddler achieve optimal development. In addition, a Play Kitchen is a must have for parents with children with eating problems. 


An absolute must-have for both boys and girls; a doll will aid with playing and assuming different roles. Toddlers can use a doll to play, for example to pretend to be ‘father and mother’. Through role play toddlers can process their emotions and learn social skills, which will be of crucial importance in the rest of their lives.

Creative Materials 

Furthermore, we must not forget all the toys that encourage creative and motor-skills, such as thick pencils, paper, paint, clay and sand. This is so important, because through playing with materials that can be re-shaped, children have a great outlet for stress and will be more relaxed. I will happily tell you more about stress and toddlers in one of my next blogs.

The Best Educational Tablets 

There might come a time when you think your child needs a tablet, or when your child feels it needs one. I have had a look around to see what would be a good choice in this case. 

This tablet has a guide, written for parents, by preschool educators. Every game has a purpose. The tablet has apps for every phase of your toddler’s development. “Learning is fun” for children aged 2-6. Learn and play at all times without connecting to Wi-Fi.

I consider this tablet the best tablet for children. With ‘Kid Mode’ pre-installed, there is no need to worry about unfriendly content on the internet. There are numerous options, such as access to great apps, games, video’s, eBooks etc.

What does your child play with? 

If you observe your toddler closely, you will quickly know what kind of games and toys he or she likes to play with. It can also be a good idea to ask a teacher what your child likes to play with at school or at daycare. Some children love to play by assuming a role. This is a good way for them process the things they have experienced in their young lives. In order to facilitate this, they could use dress-up clothes, crockery, children’s furniture or a play kitchen. Also very suitable are real items, like a pan, a plastic plate etc. Even better for toddlers is the opportunity to play with a large cardboard box, or with the couch pillows, a table cloth and a sheet: these can be used to ‘build’ and consequently play ‘father and mother’, ‘hospital’, ‘school’, etc. As you can tell, it is not always necessary to spend a lot of money. Look around in your house; identify the things that can be safely used for play, and how those things could build what is needed at that time. Of course you will agree with your toddler beforehand that the items will get put back in their place after playing. 

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