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How many calories does a 1-year-old need? (June 2019)

How many calories does a 1-year-old need 2

So, your child has celebrated her first birthday, and it is the official year when you will notice her do a lot of activities and prepare herself for the advanced days waiting for her in the later years. Once the child is one year old, parents enjoy being with them more. The child does a lot of activities which are entertaining to the core. However, this is also a tedious…

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Babies/ development/ Parenting

Eating Tips for Toddlers (June 2019)

Eating Tips for Toddlers

What to do with picky eaters It is Tuesday morning. This is one of the days that both parents work. The kids are woken up a half an hour earlier than usual, because they get dropped at the babysitter’s or taken to daycare. The children notice that there is a bit more stress today. Get up earlier, get dressed faster and hurriedly prepare school lunches. Mommy and daddy may grumble…

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Best Developmental Toys For Babies

Play_educational toys for babies

Toys aren’t just toys! As parent to a newborn, you will get visits from many family members and friends, and they will ask you what kind of present they can bring. This is a tough question, because what does a baby really need in its first months, except for: Love, physical contact, food, rest, and other caretaking? This makes asking for specific presents, except for clothes, for this phase of…

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