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How many calories does a 1-year-old need? (June 2019)

How many calories does a 1-year-old need 2

So, your child has celebrated her first birthday, and it is the official year when you will notice her do a lot of activities and prepare herself for the advanced days waiting for her in the later years. Once the child is one year old, parents enjoy being with them more. The child does a lot of activities which are entertaining to the core. However, this is also a tedious…

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Best Toddler Table And Chairs (Updated November 2019)

Toddler table and chairs

Seeing your child grow is the most satisfying feeling in the world. If you are a parent of a healthy toddler, by now, you must have understood how every each development stages in a child’s life come with their own side-effects, and how you need to put efforts to ensure your child learns from every phase of its developmental cycle. Read everything you need to know in this blog: Best…

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