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Best Ride On Toys For Toddlers in 2019

Is your toddler ready for ride on toys? Many parents do not know this, but playing with ride on toys helps enormously with the development of your toddler! (some models less than others!) Check out my vision on the subject

Children want to develop themselves. We are sure that you recognize that. Once babies are able to sit, they want to crawl. When they are able to crawl, they want to stand and then they will want to walk. This is how the gross motor skills develop themselves as long as we give children the opportunity to do so. We have to give them the space and possibilities to develop in this area. With space we literally mean the environment, in which they can move and develop. Even though a child is sweet and satisfied in its high chair, it is important to ensure that it has variety: a half an hour or so in the playpen, a half an hour on a rug in the room, spending some time in your lap, spending some time in the high chair, and so forth.

For toddlers of course, the space will become bigger, including the kitchen, the living room, its own bedroom, the garden outside or the park and of course the day care or school. By space I also mean space in a figurative sense: try to let them develop by themselves. They may get mad, because they cannot do something yet, but please allow the baby or toddler to develop itself. Don’t help it to quickly and don’t be afraid, children learn by falling and getting up again.

Toddler ride on toys

What we have to do is observe them, stimulate them and motivate them. Look at how they play, what they are doing, what they are already capable of doing and what they need in a specific period to develop themselves. You can buy perfect toys for them, about which I will tell you more later. You can also, buy second-hand ride on toys that they can use, as long as these carts and bikes are safe. Maybe you are capable of building such a toy for your toddler yourself. Take a look at my Pinterest file: Toddler ride on toys. There you can see some examples of ride on toys that you can make yourself and that can be used by your child inside and outside.

Toddler push car

When babies start to take their first steps, they need to help to maintain their balance and to improve it. The coordination between their brain and muscles must also still be developed. This development incurs falling down and standing up again. When your child pulls itself up, for example at the table, making its first steps, then it is time for the toddler push car. Ensure that this toddler push car has been made from safe materials and that it is sturdy and heavy enough. Your child should be able to lean on it safely. Many push cars also have a bin in which children can put things that they want to take with them. Sometimes a push chair is used as a doll carriage, sometimes it is used as a shopping cart. When your baby has become a small toddler, it is sensible to buy a toddler push car with different possibilities. There is a specific toddler push cart that I like particularly which comes in a boy version and a girl version. Because of its shape and form the car is also still interesting for older toddlers. It has different functions, including pushing it and riding it while the toddler is sitting on it. It is safe, also for small children, because of the safety belt. Because there is storage room under the seat, it invites to children to transport things in it, which enriches their play. Also of importance is the fact that the push car has silent wheels, ensuring that you are not bothered by the noise when your child is playing with the car inside.

Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car

Toddler ride on toys 1

The next step for the child is to learn to pedal by itself. This skill is something that you will have to teach your toddler. Of course, they learn this by practicing. When they have a good tricycle available to them, like this toddler push car, they will enjoy practicing and therefore learn faster. In first instance your child can sit on the tricycle and you can push it with the push rod. When the child grows older, it can learn to pedal by itself with the antislip peddles. It can then play outside with it without end and continue developing itself.

Breeze Baby Tricycle

Toddler ride on toys 2

Toddler 3-wheel scooter

Is your child already capable of balancing itself? Then your toddler is ready to ride a balance bike. This is a small three-wheel scooter, without pedals. Your child can practice its balance and develop itself by learning to handle the steering wheel. Once it possesses these skills, a new world will open up for it. Your child can now keep up with you when you go for a stroll together or when you walk the dog. This scooter should definitely not be to high; your toddler must easily be able to reach the floor with its feet, to brake.  One of my absolute favorites is this toddler 3-wheel scooter. Because it has two wheels in the back, it provides just a little bit more stability. You can easily change this 3-wheel scooter into a sturdy and safe regular scooter. This is excellent learning resource for children between the ages of 3 and 5.

2-in-1 Gradual Balance Bike and Tricycle

Toddler ride on toys 3

Another nice toddler 3-wheel scooter is this super bike with lights in the wheels. You can also adjust the height of the scooter ensuring that your toddler will be recognized on it for years to come.

Toddler 3-wheel scooter with folding seat

Toddler ride on toys 4

Toddler electric car

Many parents enjoy buying an electric car for their children. I honestly have to admit that these toddler electric cars look great. Cool boys’ jeeps or nice pink cars for the girls, even including a radio, suspension, a remote control for the parents and other accessories. I know that parents love to buy these for their kids and that the kids will love them. However, as a kindergarten teacher, I am critical of these toys. What can the children do with the toys themselves, what do they learn by playing with an electric car? Of course, they learn how to steer, accelerate and brake, but nothing more than they would learn from a peddle car or tricycle. So, parents, if you really like the electric cars yourself and you have the money to buy one, then you definitely should. However, please do not buy one instead of a toddler push car or a balance bike.

Toddler electric cars Jeep

Toddler ride on toys 5

What are the best ride on toys for toddlers?

At work I often get questions from parents about ride on toys. Below I will answer the most frequently asked questions!

Q: What are the best ride on toys for toddlers?
A: There is no correct answer for this. In the above blog I have my favorites ride on toys. What is important to me is that the toddler can develop himself as much as possible.

Q: How fast does a 24v power wheel go?
A:This differs per model. A 24v model often goes faster than a 12v model. The average speed for power wheels is 2-3mph. But there are also 24v models that can reach 6mph.

Q: What age are Power Wheels for?
A: Power Wheels is a brand of elecrtic powered ride on toy cars for kids ages 12 months to seven years old.

Check out my blog about educational toys for toddlers and babies for more toy ideas and advice!

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