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Best Toddler Table And Chairs (Updated November 2019)

Toddler table and chairs

Seeing your child grow is the most satisfying feeling in the world. If you are a parent of a healthy toddler, by now, you must have understood how every each development stages in a child’s life come with their own side-effects, and how you need to put efforts to ensure your child learns from every phase of its developmental cycle. Read everything you need to know in this blog: Best Toddler Table and Chairs!

Things become a lot more complicated when you have a growing toddler. They are the most fun to play around but they are also curious and ask a lot of questions, thanks to the unbound energy they have in their body as well as minds. Channelizing this energy in the right direction is very important for the proper execution of the developmental phase.

My Personal Favorite Toddler Table and Chairs!

First of all, you need to offer supplies for your toddler’s demand. They become very demanding and have growing needs, which must be fulfilled judiciously, deciding what’s important and what not. One of the primary requirement of a toddler is to hone its developing mental power. Right from the primary introduction to alphabets, colors, pictures and numbers, they must also be engaged in a number of cognitive activities. However, for this, you need to make them sit in one place, while you help them learn new things.

So, how are you planning to keep your child affix to one place? We know it is a tough job, but if you lure them with a high-quality attractive and comfortable toddler table and chair, your job is done with perfection.

Offer your child an alluring toddler table and chair and help him/ her learn new things. Introduce new concepts and play exciting games, give them a place to play with their toys, making the full use of the resources you have just invested in- the toddler table and chairs. If you are wondering which toddler table and chairs are the best for your toddler, here are a few suggestions that you must consider and make the most suitable choice:

Wooden toddler table and chairs

While buying a toddler table and chairs, your primary concern would be the safety and comfort of your child. Wooden toddler table and chairs are the perfect combinations of both the attributes, they are sturdy and durable and also provide high-level of comfort. Unlike the past, wooden toddler table and chairs are now available in attractive colors as well as designs, which accentuate their aesthetic and ergonomic value. Some of the top-rated toddler table and chairs wooden include:

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One of the best options available in the market, eHemco Kids Table and 2 X-Back Chairs Set Solid Hard Wood is a sturdy set of toddlers table and chairs wooden. They boast of a pure hardwood, eco-friendly construction, with no veneers or MDF. They are highly comfortable and easy to clean and maintain. There are a lot of activities that can be performed on this set of wooden toddler table and chairs including drawing, reading, writing, and coloring, painting, and working on school projects.

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Allow your child to play creative and productive with this durable set of toddler’s wooden table and chairs. It has three beautifully crafted items- a table and two chairs- each featuring a solid and sturdy construction. The finish of the product is smooth and hence you can easily clean it with a wiping cloth. As it is a complete hardwood construction, it is very sturdy as well as comfortable.

Toddler table and chairs plastic

Plastic is a boon of science and toddler table and chairs are the most attractive piece of furniture to buy for your toddler. Plastic toddler table and chairs are light-weight and hence easy to maneuver. Also, they demand virtually no maintenance, except cleaning the once in a day. They are very comfortable and high-quality toddlers table and chairs plastic also offers longevity. Some of the plastic toddler table and chairs that you may consider buying includes:

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If you are looking or a sturdy and safe option for your kid’s seating arrangement, playing arrangement and any other activity, this set of a table and two plastic chairs fulfill most of your requirements. Ideal for both outdoor as well as indoor use, they are made with approved-grade plastic which is not harmful to the kids as well as the environment; they feature rounded edges which enhance safety and have smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.

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An attractive set of toddlers table and chairs plastic, this product features vibrant colors along with a safe and comfortable construction. It comes with four children seats which makes it perfect for group play. The rounded edges and the shiny finish makes it safe for playtime and easy to clean and maintain. The chairs are easy to stack and you can also dismantle them for storage, if required.

Toddler table and chairs folding

Thanks to the crunched apartment space, accommodating any piece of new furniture is trouble for us. If you too live in a compact living space, but want to offer your child a comfortable and stylish play area set up, the toddler table and chairs folding are the best solutions. They take minimum space while installed and once nit in use, can be safely packed and stored in the storeroom or closet.

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A perfect set of 5 pieces- a square table and 4 chairs, this is one considerable item to buy. They are easy to fold and can be stacked together to minimize the occupied storage space. They are made keeping in mind the safety of the kids during playtime and are comfortable to the next level, enabling them posture-boosting sitting and de-stressing comfort.

Paw Patrol Activity Table Sets

If your child loves paw patrol, then the Paw Patrol featuring activity table set is a wonderful choice, not only your child will feel elated to work on a table that has its favorite cartoons, but the ergonomic built of this set will help them develop comfortable seating and body posture. They are sturdy and easy to clean and feature round-edges which makes them child-friendly.

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Toddler table and chairs IKEA

Ikea has come up with an excellent choice of toddler table and chairs. As a reputed company, IKEA makes sure that the table and chairs for toddlers cater to all your requirements for your child seating and playing arrangements.

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It’s a wooden made set of toddlers table and chairs IKEA. It features a sturdy construction along with a highly user-friendly design. The smooth and veneer free surfaces make it easy to clean and the child-size construction enhances approachability. It is made of fiber wood and solid soft-wood, which makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver.

These are some of the choices you can try while considering the best choice for toddler table and chairs set.

kids table and chairs clearance

It’s a good idea to buy kids table and chairs in a clearance but, most of the time these are the table an chairs sets that that didn’t sold good with a reason. Check the table and chairs set for safety, choice of material and sturdiness before you buy a kids table and chair in clearance.

kids table and chairs amazon

These are 4 of the best (all prime) selling kids table and chairs on Amazon! Check them out!

Kids round table and chairs

I don’t like round tables myself. They take up a lot of space and are often difficult to store. However, they are very useful for playing games and for larger groups of children. If you are looking for a round table you can consider the following options:

Melissa and Doug Table and Chairs

Yes, Melissa and Doug are actualy real people! They make the best toys in the industrie. Every toy is made with love and passion and actually tested by children! Its not only toys they make. They also make Melissa and Doug Table and Chairs and other furniture. Here are some of the best selling Melissa and Doug table and chairs on Amazon.


As usual, I end the blog with questions from parents of toddlers from my class.

Q: What height should a toddler table be?
A: Usually toddler tables are 16 to 18 inches high. What is important is that the chair fits well with the table. A chair of 7 to 10 inches generally belongs to a 16-inch table. At an 18-inch table, seats must be 8 to 12 inches.

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